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Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32

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Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: YiMing
Model Number: WCI301Y32
Material: PE+PP
Nut Size: 32mm
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000pcs
Price: negotiated
Packaging Details: 100pcs/Polybag and 20bags/Ctn
Delivery Time: 7~10day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30000PCS/DAY

What is the wheel check indicator?


Wheel Check Indicator/Wheel Nut indicator/Wheel check collar

is a loose wheel nut indicator that is used extensively by the

transport industry as an enhancement and development of fleet safety roadworthiness

procedures, daily walk-round inspection and defect reporting and scheduled

maintenance requirements. Its use allows accurate monitoring for loose wheel nuts and helps

prevent wheel hub damage or the loss of a road wheel should a wheel nut loosen.

An additional safety feature of the Wheel Check Indicator is its heat sensitivity, when

higher than normal operational temperature are reached, the Wheel Check Indicator is designed

to melt indicating an imminent bearing failure or braking issues.

Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32




 Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32

Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32

 Where to use the wheel check indicator?

The Wheel Check Indicator is fixed to the wheel nut by gripping the six corners of the hexagon

of the wheel nut. When the wheel is being fitted out the Wheel Check Indicator pointers should

be aligned and set in a recognizable pattern. Should a wheel nut loosen off, the Wheel Check

Indicator has no option but to move with the nut and so break the recognizable pattern that was

set, thus indicating the wheel nut has begun to rotate and therefore to loosen.

This is universal type which fitted for various trucks/trailers/tank truck etc.,

Suitable Truck models: Heavy truck/ Trailer/Bus/Dangerous goods transport


Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32


How does wheel check indicator works?

Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32


 What size, range and color of wheel check indicator?


Wheel Check Indicator is available in an extensive range of sizes and in one standard warning
color: yellow/Red/Green or etc.,
For sizes, from 17mm to 46mm. Most popular size are 19mm/21mm/32mm/33mm/41mm.
**High temperature material (235 degrees centigrade up) is available by custom order.
The size refers to the 'across the flats' dimension of the wheel nut hexagon in millimeters.
Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32
A simple and accurate means of measuring the wheel nut size is to use an un-worn socket as it is
important that the correct size of Wheel Check Indicator is fitted to the wheel nut.
They should be a tight slide fit down to the washer of the wheel nut or wheel hub face leaving a
small nominal (say 0.5 mm) air gap between the two surfaces

Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32



What’s the wheel check indicator Material Grade?

Wheel Check Indicator is manufactured from Polyethylene. This special grade is suitable for

heavy-duty applications such as high load urban duty cycle service or where full axle loading

is the norm.Wheel Check Indicator is designed to distort and melt at a vehicle hub/stud

temperature of 125 degrees centigrade.

The material used is a virgin polymer and is UV stabilized. It is therefore dimensionally stable.

The polymer does not degrade in sunlight. Wheel Check Indicator can be cleaned using any of the

available vehicle cleaning agents, detergent solutions or paraffin.

Wheel Check Indicator is not attacked by road salts or petrochemicals. The pointer being large,

it is highly visible even when coated with road or operational grime.


How to Fit  wheel check indicator?

It is recommended that the initial fitting out of the vehicle is done in the course of scheduled

maintenance or during a roadworthiness inspection or when a wheel nut torque check is


*The wheel nuts must be torqued to the recommended value before the Wheel Check Indicators

are fitted.

The Wheel Check Indicator should be a tight slide fit onto the wheel nut without the need for tools

or any other assistance. This is also the case when there is a need to remove them.

Fit the Wheel-check collar so that the raised rim of the collar is outermost from the wheel nut

washer, or the profile of the wheel. This eases removal by giving a finger purchase on the collar

rim of the Wheel Check Indicator without damage.

••• 3 Steps to Install Wheel Check Indicator•••

1. Torque wheel nuts to proper specifications (recommended ft/lb).

2. Ensure correct size by measuring unit from flat to flat

3. Place one Wheel Check Indicator over each nut with the raised collar resting against the wheel.

Push with both thumbs or a socket flush to the wheel (see below picture).

Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32



The layout pattern used for the Wheel Check Indicator on the wheel is of personal choice; it is

often dictated by the wheel rim size and profile, and/or the PCD of the stud.


What is the most commonly used patterns of wheel check indicator?

Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32



***Any patterned configuration may be used so long as the movement away from the set pattern

of one or more of the Wheel Check Indicator will be clearly visible on inspection.

•• It is important to remember, when arranging the pattern you will use as the layout for the

Wheel Check Indicator on the wheel, that should a wheel nut loosen off, the Wheel Check Indicator

pointer needs room to move to indicate that the wheel nut has moved; this is normally anti

clockwise. The length of the pointer should not therefore be aligned against the wheel rim profile,

which could restrict movement.


Why should we use wheel check Indicators? 

1. Provides a simple, visual means of confirming proper wheel torque in seconds.

2. Reduce your risk of wheel detachment accidents.

(Protect the public, help prevent property and load damage.)

3. Lower your maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary re-torquing.

4. Quickly identify a hot wheel possibly caused by bearing failure or brake drag.

5. Decrease equipment downtime.

6. Facilitates official roadside inspections.

7. Clearly visible at night and in bad weather (rain, snow, muddy conditions).

8. Easy to install.

9. Cost is only a few dollars per wheel.

10. Pays for itself in just one unnecessary re-torque procedure.

Reference application examples:

Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32

 Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32


What's the packing of wheel check indicator?


Truck wheel check indicator WCI301Y32


Specification details:



Model No.: WCI301Y32

Nut Size:32mm


Packing: 100pcs/bag and 20bags/ctn

Carton size: 49*37*27cm

Material: PE+PP

Melting point:125℃

Free sample are availabled on request with freight collect,  call me if you are interested in it.




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